Ray Ramos

President & CEO

Bliss Marc represents more than 38 years of hard work, sweat, and love. Our family and team are here to help your family and you. I believe in the Golden Rule and that our role is to facilitate and serve your best interest. Thanks for joining us!

Bliss Marc Goals

  • Your Best Interest
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • Success for All
  • Protection You Need
  • Happy Families

Our Agents

Tracy B. Ramos

Director of Health and Wellness

Ray Ramos

President & CEO

Kristy Ramos

Vice President, Operations and Compliance

Patty Ramos

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Protecting your future-our priority

Your financial and health future is the most important thing. Enjoy to live and live to enjoy it!

Protect your future…now!

Don’t let another day go by without the proper security for your family’s well-being.

The best value available

Insurance protections that grow over time. Every one is different. Bliss Marc will help protect you.

Stay informed about your options

Use Bliss Marc’s vibrant community and information to grow and stay in the know.

Satisfaction Ratings

Annual Loss Ratio Percentile 98%
Customer Service and Voice Survey 99%
Claims Processing Assistance 94%
Concern Focus Rating by Clients 98%

Honors & Rewards

OFW, Expats, and Entrepreneurs

Bliss Marc International has received numerous commendations and superlatives for our high level of service in support of Filipinos worldwide. We are here for your businesses, your families, and you. Thank you!

Business Insurance

Bliss Marc International continues to receive praise from insurers, clients, and oversight bodies for loss ratios, fast and accurate service, and claims processing. More than 38 years running!

Our Partners