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    Your financial and health future is the most important thing. Enjoy to live and live to enjoy it!

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    Don’t let another day go by without the proper security for your family’s well-being.

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    Insurance protections that grow over time. Every one is different. Bliss Marc will help protect you.

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    Use Bliss Marc’s vibrant community and information to grow and stay in the know.

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    We help to create a better environment and help our customers feel valued and important in the time of crisis.

    Welcome to Bliss Marc International, your number one source for customized and affordable insurance services. We’re a family owned and operated agency dedicated to providing the very best to serve your interests. This dedication brought Bliss Marc a 38+ year track record of success for clients. As a business owner, individual, or family member, BMI will help you get what you need and deserve!

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    At Bliss Marc, we offer you more than great protection and coverage. We provide consultation services to find the right policies to protect your business, your family, and your home.

    Our focus is on you the client, not the insurance carriers.

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    The name that people trust

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    Comprehensive support through our dedicated team

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