As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), it’s a dream to bring your loved ones to overseas trips or even bring them in the country where you are working. After all, you invested blood, sweat and tears in order to give your family the best things and a brighter future, so an overseas visit will always be worthwhile.

But without the right international travel insurance, your most anticipated family reunion may not be as pleasant as you imagined. Thankfully there are HOPE Travel and Trip insurance options, the most comprehensive international travel insurance, to help your loved ones have safe and hassle-free journeys abroad.

For safe travels

Their belongings not turning up in the luggage carousel as expected is every traveler’s nightmare. Setbacks such as lost luggage, missed flights, and accommodation glitches can turn a sweet family get together sour, especially if there will be no one to call on for help. Malayan’s Travel Master will respond to your family’s needs, courtesy of an extensive network of worldwide emergency centers.

For personal liability

Traveling to any part of the world includes risk of accidentally hurting someone or damaging someone else’s property. Without an international travel insurance, you’d have to pay for the other party’s medical treatment, or replace the property you damaged by accident right out of your pocket money. Thankfully, HOPE’s travel and trip insurance shoulders the expenses that must be paid, instead of getting the money right from you or your loved one’s pockets.

For emergencies

Getting sick overseas can be expensive. And if your family will visit countries where the climates are tens of degrees colder, or hotter, than the Philippines, the risk of getting sick can be high. The good news is, HOPE’s products also provide travel health insurance that makes access to excellent healthcare services easier, wherever part of the world they may be.

HOPE gets you connected with its expansive network of global health care providers, operation centers and, air and ground ambulance service providers so your loved ones will be able to receive medical attention on site, the moment they need it.

With the right preparation, you’re assured that your family’s trip are covered against travel risks, unexpected medical costs and other unforeseen circumstances abroad. Get them a travel insurance today!