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Bliss Marc, in consultation with many field experts, offers on-point, affordable help with setting up and servicing your health care business. From making the right decision about the form of company you will own while saving on taxes to the very best contractual arrangements and ways to deal with government scrutiny, Bliss Marc’s Business Services are here to help you be successful for many years to come!

How to Setup Your Business

No decisions are of greater impact to your longterm success than those made when you found or takeover your business. First and foremost, you must decide what type of entity you will choose to operate as. Your options are many, but the two primarily advised are the Limited Liability Company (LLC) or the Subchapter S Corporation (S Corp). You need to consider the similarities, differences, costs, etc., when deciding which is right for you! Below you may navigate through some information we’ve prepared to help you in making that decision.

How We Can Help Your Business Run

Bliss Marc, working closely with legal and other professionals, can offer you a variety of business services to 1. SAVE you money; 2. PROTECT you against penalties and scrutiny; and 3. GROW your business. From having the right contracts to business finance reviews, Bliss Marc is your partner in success!

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Background Checks

Ensuring the safety of patients is critical to healthcare organizations.  We understand your need to investigate a prospective employee especially if that employee will have access to confidential information, administering medications and responsible for caregiving to your clients.  Verifying an employee’s background is critical to minimizing risks to your patients and to your organization.  Comply with the Health Care Worker Background Check Act through Bliss Marc.

Our background check services can be purchased individually or in package form. Below are some of the reports available:
  • Medical License Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • National and State Criminal Report
  • Employment History
  • Credit Reports
  • Professional License
Screening Vendors & Companies

Partnering with a new company is a big decision with economic consequences and culpability. The last thing that you want to worry about is the reputation and credit worthiness of your new partner. Bliss Marc can help screen for your background checks and you will no longer have concerns about what you don’t know about your new business alliances. Bliss Marc will do background checks that confirm the new business partner’s contact information, assets, business licenses, and all corporate filings.

Telehealth Monitoring

Partnering with nationwide companies, Bliss Marc allows your agency to offer patients continued and monitored care through telehealth equipment and professional monitoring services. Providing daily diagnostic intervention, telehealth services helps your agency remain on the cutting edge of technology while maintaining and monitoring your patients.

With Bliss Marc’s help, your agency can offer telehealth service that gives the clinician the ability to monitor and measure patient health data and information over geographical, social, and cultural distances. This monitoring includes use of both video and non-video technologies. The application of these technologies allows for increased access to health services, improved disease management, improved self-care management and earlier and proactive interventions for positive outcomes. The decisions of which technology to use are driven by the patient’s clinical need and the objectives and resources of your organization. Technologies utilized include: Store & Forward, video, messaging, and remote monitoring which may include some or all of the following sensors- ECG, pulse oximetry, vital signs, stethoscope, weight , and glucose. Home telehealth technologies can support post-discharge, home health, chronic care management, schools, skilled nursing facilities, sub-acute care and senior living facilities. Home telehealth & remote monitoring technologies can provide education, monitoring, patient self-directed care and the ability for individuals to have more effective access to health care. Imagine the Marketing Boon to your agency as you are a technological step ahead even as you improve patient outcomes.

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At Bliss Marc, we offer you more than great protection and coverage. We provide consultation services to find the right policies to protect your business, your family, and your home.

Our focus is on you the client, not the insurance carriers.

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