Workers' Comp

As a business owner, one of the most important things to worry about is the safety of your employees. Bliss Marc can help save you money.

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Bliss-Marc will help you create a package that protects you as practitioner against claims. Your license and your family may depend on it.

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Business Liability

Bliss-Marc can help provide business property and general liability Insurance. This includes saving you money on mandatory coverage for RCFEs!

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Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your family against crushing debt. It can also be a great investment.

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Travel Insurance

Our solutions for your travel needs include individual and group coverage for medical and lost items.

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Trip Insurance

Get protection for passengers and their families when they use transit services (land/sea) for short trips.

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Accident Insurance

Bliss Marc has options including direct pay benefits to protect you and others in an accident.

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Health Insurance

Whether for OFWs abroad or their families back home, BMI has solutions for all your medical insurance needs.

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OFW Insurance

Compulsory insurance coverage for agency-hired migrant workers. Get your required coverage now.

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Protecting your clients

Fidelity & Business Services Bonds as guaranty to clients and protection for you

Relationships to bring value

BMI leverages ~40 years of experience and volume to save you money.

Solutions for all needs

Bliss Marc has Bond options tailored to suit your business, practice, and legal requirements.

Stay informed about your options

Bliss Marc’s agents can help you learn about Bond options and benefits.

Overall Satisfaction
Of global customers
Increase in Investments
YOY Spending for You
Claims settled
In all types of Insurance

We are in a coveted position…

There is a reason that entrepreneurs, professionals, expats and others rely on Bliss Marc and our partners for their insurance services. We don’t let people down! The reason is simple: a focus on the Golden Rule and singular devotion to serving your best interest.

Join others across the country and see what Bliss Marc can do for you.

Protection with confidence!

How do we, as individuals and businesses, know that we have made smart decisions about our insurance plan that will meet our expectations when we need to use it? Wouldn’t it be nice to make those decisions with confidence? It would be nice to have the freedom knowing someone has your back. Bliss Marc and its vibrant community is here for you.

If you can’t find the information you need, we’re here to help! Just ask!

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